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Though there are many, many smaller lakes and bays, the following outlines the main “bodies” of water the make up the Chain-O-Lakes. Each link contains information about the lake, along with a map that details.

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The Northern Section of the Chain-O-Lakes…

is located entirely in Lake County. Lake Catherine and Channel Lake are the northern most and are bordered on the north by the Illinois/Wisconsin State Line. Grass Lake is the southern most (and largest) with direct access to the Fox River and the Chain-O-Lakes State Park. Totaling 2,433 acres with a deep point of 42 feet (Channel Lake), the Northern Section is comprised of:

The Southern Section of the Chain-O-Lakes…

is located in both Lake and McHenry Counties, totaling 3,987 acres with a deep point of 31 feet (Pistakee Lake) and consists of:

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